FTP Client Installation


Download FileZilla Client


License agreement

Hopefully you should now see the following window where you will have to accept the terms of the license agreement to continue. Read through it and click “I Agree” if you do.

Installing for me or all users

You will now have to decide if you want to install only for your user account or if FileZilla should be accessible by every user on the machine. This mainly affects where the Start Menu icons are placed. Installing for all users needs administrative privileges, and every user will have his/her own settings.

Choosing components

Next you need to choose which parts of the FileZilla client you want to install. If you hover your mouse over a choice, FileZilla will show you a description of the item.

Go through all of them and just check/uncheck the stuff you want. Select additional languages if you want FileZilla in another language than English. Icon sets let you choose different looks for FileZilla’s icons (they are partly user contributed). The shell extension integrates FileZilla into the Windows Explorer. Most users will go with what’s selected by default here. When you’re all finished, click Next.

Install location

The next window will ask you where to install the program. If you don’t have any special needs, click Next.

Start menu shortcuts

Here, you will be asked what you want to name the folder with the shortcuts to FileZilla inside. The default name “FileZilla FTP Client” should be good for most people. You can also choose not to install these shortcuts

Finishing installation

When you click Install, FileZilla will get installed. If no errors occur it should complete in some seconds.

Completing Setup

When it’s done, click Next to finish the installation.

Starting Download

Host and account information

FTP Site Address

  • Host Name:
  • Port: 21
  • Protocol: FTPS

FTP Account and Password

  • Username and Password are the same as your NYCU Portal Account.
Faculties and Straffs
  • Username and Password are the same as your NYCU Portal Account.

Setup and Connection

  1. Open FileZilla FTP client, fillin  the connecting information.
    Host as “”,  username and password then click Quickconnect.
  2. When the connection is  successful, remote server will show the file list on the right side.
    The left side is your local machine.
  3. Set the location which you want to download files on the local (left) side.
    On the remote (right) side, downloading file by double-click the file icon or drag and drop it to the left side.