Install Kaspersky Enpoint Security 11 en

Install Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11

Please download the following files from CA FTP:

  • keswin_11.1.1.126_zh-Hant_aes256.exe


Unpacking Kaspersky distribution package

Double click on “keswin_11.1.1.126_zh-Hant_aes256.exe” to start the unpacking program.
Then, click on “Next”.

Select a folder to store the unpacked files

Click “Browse” -> “Select Another Folder”, and click “Unpack”.



The Kaspersky distribution package has been unpacked

Click “Finish” to close this program.
Please open the unzipped folder and click on “setup_kes.exe” to start the Kaspersky installation.


Welcome to Kaspersky Setup Wizard.

Click “Next”.

Please read the following License Agreement carefully.

If you agree to all agreements, please select the following checkboxes.

Click “Next”.

Custom installation

Click “Next”.

Select a destination folder

Install in the default folder.

Click “Next”.

Ready to install

Please click on the Install button. The installation will take a few minutes.

Select I Agree to Enable Kaspersky Security Network

Click “Next”.

Start Kaspersky Endpoint Security Application

Enter the application screen. Please click “License”.

Activate with the license file

Please first unzip “”, then click “Browse” and select the file with the .key extension.

Please click on the red “X” button to remove the trial license.

Activate the application with a commercial license

Please click on the option “Activate with a commercial license” and select Launch with Key File.

Choose the key file

Click on the Browse button and choose the file with .key extension.


Enter the application screen, please select “Tasks” and click “Start” below Update.