Install Maple 16

Install Maple 16

Files needed for this Tutorial

Download files from Campus FTP Server:

  • Maple16WindowsInstaller.exe

Start Installation

Double click Maple16WindowsInstaller.exe and wait for apperance of Maple installer.


Intruduce the Maple installer: you can click 「Next」 button to proceed to the next screen. If you want to change something on a previous screen, click 「Previous 」button.

License Agreement

Review the software license agreement and, if you agree with the terms, select Yes and click 「Next」


Choose Install Folder

In the Choose Install Folder window, keep the defaults and click 「Next」


Choose Install Set

Select Full Installation or Minimal Installation without Watcom Compiler. Then click 「Next」


Install Desktop Shortcuts

Select Yes if you want to add Maple software shortcut on your desktop, and click 「Next」


Choose Watcom Install Folder

Choose Watcom install folder if you have choose the Full Installation set before. Keep the defaults and click 「Next」


Using Network License

In the Choose the Type of Licensing window, choose Network License and click 「Next」


Setup License Server

In the License Server window, type in the License server blank and for Port number, type in 27010. After entering the information, click 「Next」

7-license-serverneed edit

Pre-Installation Summary

In the Pre-installation Summary window, click 「Install」


Install Complete

Click Done to finish the installer. The Maple installation is now complete.